Who We Are

We are based in Houston. Our product is simple, we create quality apparel. However, our mission is to create stylish clothing that transcends culture and to do so while being socially responsible not only by design but in deed. We are creating the new American standard for Classic.

How We Started

Before I started the brand I was a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering major. Huge 180, but that’s how life works sometimes when purpose calls you have to follow your destiny. The company started in a small T-shirt printing shop on a six color manual press. There I was taught the art and business of screen-printing from a great mentor. In between jobs I would create my own shirts imprinted with a logo I created. The name "Chaplon" is a play on my childhood nickname “Chaplin” Edmonson. I was nicknamed after the silent movie star Sir Charlie Chaplin. It wasn’t a thought to create a brand until it happened. I was wearing the shirt I printed with the logo and people kept asking for it. Once I realized how much people liked the logo I started exploring other ideas and the brand was launched off that initial success. Along the way I have had some great and talented people join me in making the brand what it is today. The soul purpose is to make the name Chaplon synonymous with quality American design."